Kamdhenu - Holy Cow (Pearl Gold Painted)

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Kamdhenu : This divine cow, which lives in swargalok (heaven), emerged from the ocean of milk (ksheerasagar) at the time of samudramanthan (the great churning of the ocean by the gods (suras) and gemons (asuras). It was presented to the seven sages by the Gods, and in course of time came into the possession of Sage Vasishta.

Every part of Kamadhenu’s body has a religious significance. 
It’s four legs symbolize the four Vedas, and its teats the four Purusharthas. It’s Horns symbolize the Gods, it’s face symbolize the Sun and the Moon, It’s shoulders Agni and its legs the Himalayas.
Kamadhenu is also well-known through its other five forms: Nanda, Sunanda, Surabhi, Susheela and Sumana. The worshipper can keep Kamadhenu at Home or Office.

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