Ma Kamadhenu - Pure Gold Embossing

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Maa - Kamadhenu: The sacred cow with powers to fulfill any wish one makes. According to ancient philosophies, Emerged during churning of sea between Gods and Demons. It is said that all of the Gods resides in different body-parts of a cow and kamadhenu is the mother of all cows on earth.Our research team spent two months in finding out the exact designs of god-symbols, their postures, placement and colors. Also, it is said that clay, stone, wood and then gold is considered best when going for some devotional idol formation. Hence, we have used both of the top-tier materials.

Along with the strong and prominent historic background, this sculpture has an artistic significance too. This kind of an artwork is not found these days. Aesthetically and quality-wise its one of the best art-work you will ever own.

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About Us

Urja Utsav is an endeavor to take the Challenge to restore the ancient art of Gold Embossing (its neither gold plating or gold polishing, but solid gold converted into foils), into an entirely innovative form with the help of gifted Artists and Artisans of Rajasthan.

Through this effort, a fascinating range has emerged, for example, Corporate Gift Articles, Religious Artefacts, Decorative products, and even big articles like Coffee Table set, Dining Table, Master Bed Concept, Complete Pooja Room  etc. The base chosen to apply the Gold is generally Wood, Silver, Marble, Leather and Glass.

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